We all know that one of the most important things in doing a business is establishing relationships between people, especially those who you are working with.

As for many businessmen, this skill is basic, they can easily get to know well with anyone they desire. But the hard thing is building strong and lasting strings. One of the key elements you should recognize when making friends with Asian people is that there is a vast cultural gap between the West and the East. Truly understanding and connecting this gap is really important if you want to work with them.
Asia is the largest continental, which covers nearly 9% of the Earth’s surface. It also accounts for over 60% of the world population. The Asia continental is so called “cross-intersection” between Russia and Europe; surrounded by three oceans: the Atlantic Ocean, the Indian Ocean and the Artitic; standing the highest mountain in the world, the Everest.Also, there are two ancient civilizations cultivated in Asia: India and China.People in Asia are well-known for their hospitality and kindness, also friendliness. If you have a chance to pay a visit there, you can hardly find other people running toward you and try to say hi. Sometimes, it may make you annoyed, but I find it very cute! By the way, a trip to Asia is very affordable with quite good services, who else doesn’t want to pay a visit to those beautiful countries?

There is nothing to say about Asia’s potential growth. Last century was a glorious time in Western countries such as America, England or Germany to rise above others. But nowadays, the wave is moving horizontally to the East, where Japan, Singapore, China and so on other ones stand.

What makes the Asia famous is its wide range of culinary and of course, people there love eating. Hence, the 99-percent-successful way to make new as well as strengthen “love-string” is all around the dinner table: a dinner invitation will save your day. But before you do that, a few things you need to keep in mind:

  1. Asian cuisines are a very, very long list. They can serve almost everything, you could be surprised, or frightened, depending on your bravery. For example, in Vietnam, located in South-East Asia, they serve a dish called Hot Vit Lon, which means a baby-duck in a nearly-hatched egg. How is that dish made? Well, simple, they keep the duck’s eggs until 4-7 days before the eggs hatch. Then they boil the eggs. And when you crack the shell out, a boiled baby duck sleeping in there.
    Despite that, you will score nearly-perfect mark in their hearts if you don’t complain anything about their dishes. And perfect score for enjoying the dishes easily. You know, don’t judge a book by its cover, many are afraid of those strange dishes, but you should give a shot to try, I have to say this “Hella delicious!”.
  2. More important notice is that most of Asian dishes are served using chopsticks, which is a pair of wooden sticks, or steel for the modern lifestyle, used to pick up the food. When I first used them, I looked like a jerk. It is harder than you see, because they need time and time practicing. This is the important skill when eating dinner with them, because the Asian doesn’t use knives or forks. Without this, they will feel a big gap between you and them. Hence, my point is you should spend time practicing how to use chopsticks if you resolve to do long-term businesses with Asian.
  3. Asian dishes served with heaps of spices, mostly chili, especially Thailand. When I first time had a diner with my friend in Thailand, I thought they served us chili: boiled chili, fried chili, chili, soup etc… Everything is all in red. Moreover, Thailand has the most powerful chili in the world, a small one of it will tear out your tongue. Make sure you hold a pretty strong stomach, or else you’ll need some pills to aid you.
  4. The last tip of mine is for drinking, the main drink served is beer, not children counted. Asian, especially Vietnam drink very well, and drink very much. Last year, Vietnamese people drank about 3 billion liters of beer. In their Eastern culture, drinking is extremely important. Most contracts were signed on beer bottles. So once again, if you decide to do long-term businesses here, you better be well-prepared for the cultural differences.


One thing I need you to keep in mind that is not the only way to establish relationship with people in Asia, but it is the sure and fastest (also easiest) way to achieve that. By the way, my tips are useful in your trip to Asia, whether it is a business one or a traveling one.

Source: day2daytips.com by Khang Vo